Add Learning Fun with These Best Math Apps

You know your child needs extra practice with math, but getting them to do an extra worksheet with you isn’t a thought that excites either of you. We have good news! Getting in extra math time for skills practice is not as hard as you may think when you incorporate technology that’s at your fingertips. Best in Class Education has put together a list of the best math apps to make working on this subject easier for both of you. What makes math apps useful for learning?

While math learning apps are not a substitute for in-school instruction or supplemental education like tutoring and enrichment programs, apps provide opportunities for multi-sensory, independent learning. They also support the mastery of basic mathematics and conceptual knowledge through interactive levels that provide an alternative to paper and pencil tasks to build skill mastery.

Apps allow students to sign in from their phone, tablet, or laptop, making learning on-the-go easy. Another great benefit of math apps for education is that kids enjoy them, as game-based platforms hold students’ interest. Finally, math apps are self-rewarding: your student can track their progress along the way, showing themselves just how much they are learning!

What are some of the best math apps for elementary/middle school students?

  • ABCmouse- A popular app, this multi-award-winning site offers a wide variety of programs for students aged 2-13. ABCmouse offers ten learning levels, over 850 lessons, and more than 10,000 activities.

  • IXL-This app is used by more than 13 million students, and for good reason. This site follows the K-12 comprehensive curriculum, so they are trusted by both educators and parents.

  • Generation Genius- This Educators Pick Best of STEM Winner 2021 offers engaging lessons for students K-8. Thirty thousand schools currently use this app, which features hands-on activities for all their assignments.

  • Prodigy Math- Primarily for students in grades 1-8, this app allows players to compete to win by answering sets of questions just like they would in role-playing games. With over 1,500 skills covering every major math topic, your student will not only learn but have fun in the process.

What are some of the best math apps for high school students?

  • Mathspace-This app covers the Common Core and state standards from grades 6-12 with over 70,000 interactive questions. They offer lessons, practice, and assessments to meet all student needs.

  • Mathway- Mathway is a problem-solving app that covers various math topics, including algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, trigonometry, and statistics.

  • Symbolab-With various calculators to help students solve different math problems, the step-by-step solutions will help your student see precisely how to work out other equations.

The apps listed above will not only allow your child to have fun while learning math but will also break down steps so they can quickly learn how to solve problems on their own. When it comes to education, Best in Class Education Centers are here to offer resources to help you be more involved in your child’s learning. Contactour centers today to learn how we help students build academic confidence and mastery.

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