Preparing for the UW Foster School of Business

Our program is specifically designed for students applying to the University of Washington's Foster School of Business, helping them gain a competitive advantage by mastering critical thinking and effective communication in preparation for the Writing Skills Assessment (WSA) portion of the application.

The course is designed to hone the skills necessary to achieve a high score on the WSA, which requires an applicant to write two strong essays in 90 minutes – a persuasive essay and a position essay. Students will be armed with time-management strategies so they are prepared to complete their essays in the allotted time, and also will be challenged with exercises that focus on the following areas to improve overall writing ability:

  • Essay structure and organization
  • Use of appropriate tone, style, grammar, and language
  • Identifying evidence to support arguments to take a meaningful position as well as persuade effectively

Classes can be taken in a private-lesson format (one-on-one or with two students per instructor) or in a group-lesson format with 3 to 5 students.

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