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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are central to our daily lives and our future. Learning about STEM means developing critical thinking skills, learning to examine and interpret data, and asking questions about the world around us. These skills will help your student be successful no matter what career path they find themselves on in the future.

Our STEM Program combines fun hands-on activities, in-depth class discussions, and lessons designed with the newest science standards in mind. Small class sizes ensure that everyone has a chance to participate and share their ideas. The eight-week format allows students to have time to dig deeper into the topic with the guidance of their instructor.

Our curriculum takes an integrative approach. In our courses, we cover topics in all of the STEM realms so students can explore the connections between them.

is the systematic exploration of the natural world here on Earth and in space.
is the application of scientific knowledge to create tools such as the wheel, irrigation canals, or a smartphone.
is the process of designing and improving structures, machines, and other devices with the use of science, technology, and mathematics.
is the science of numbers and allows us to have a standardized way to measure phenomena.

Each eight-week course is standalone, allowing students to join the STEM Program at the start of any course throughout the year. The only requirement to join is that students should be able to read confidently on their own so that they can respond to written prompts and follow written instructions.

If your student is curious about the world around them, enroll them today. We’ll help them find answers to those burning questions while discovering even more questions to ponder.

Our STEM courses are offered in two levels:

STEM 100: 1st - 2nd grade students
STEM 200: 3rd- 5th grade students

Areas of focus

  • Critical Thinking
  • Science Practices
  • Engineering Practices
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Earth Sciences
  • Space Sciences

Class Details

SessionsEight 60-minute sessions
MaterialsIn-class materials included
Class SizeMaximum of 10 students

Thursdays, 1/17/2019 - 3/14/2019
(No class on 2/21)

STEM 110 “All About Organisms”
5:45pm - 6:45pm

STEM 210 “Introduction to Genetics”
7:00pm - 8:00pm

RegistrationOnline Registration
LocationsMill Creek
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Summer Camp Class Participant

It's fun and interesting. It's cool to know what's around us.

Summer Camp Class Participant

Everyone got to express their ideas.

Summer Camp Class Participant

I liked the reading.