Hit the books. Work that brain. Train hard for test day.

Clear instruction and consistent practice are the cornerstones of a successful SAT/ACT class. Our small group SAT/ACT course offers the best of both: active, in-class teaching and on-line engagement outside of the classroom. Our blended format allows us to assess, instruct, and track each student’s progress in the core SAT/ACT subjects. Best in Class’s rigorous SAT/ACT class will give your student the best chance of success on test day and in the college application process.

SAT/ACT Prep Classes

These courses are designed to give students a competitive advantage over their fellow college applicants and a greater chance of acceptance to the college of their choice.

Test-taking strategies are introduced to students throughout the course, equipping them with test savvy such as the ability to identify clue, trigger identifier words, read efficiently under time constraints and much more.

With a variety of different activities – including review and discussion of test techniques, practical concept applications and a series of practice questions – Best in Class students become familiar with the different concepts they will be presented with and are able to think critically about how to effectively approach the questions.

Classes can be taken in a private-lesson format (one-on-one or with two students per instructor) or in a group-lesson format with 6 to 10 students.

Areas of Focus

  • Test-Taking Skills, Strategies, and Tips
  • Real-World Math Problems
  • Critical Reading, Analysis, and Grammar
  • Vocabulary building exercises
  • Analysis and Breakdown of Math Problems
  • Effective Essay Writing

The Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive reading, writing, and math instruction
  • Tailored curriculum
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Customized quizzes and tests
  • Practice exams
  • Digital progress reports
SAT lesson heat map
SAT lesson heat map