Due to the extremely competitive nature of the tests and varying factors that may affect student performance on the test date, we are not able to guarantee your student’s acceptance. Our course is designed to expose students to the testing formats and build basic test-taking techniques to help them approach the testing with more confidence. In addition, we allow all students to sign up for our classes, regardless of what level they are performing at.
Our students do show improvement, but we are not able to guarantee an increase or guarantee any level of increase. These tests are very difficult for students. We also cannot control the environment they will encounter when they take the test. While we help to set them up for success, we cannot guarantee what happens on test day.
Imagine your student is in a room with 100 other students. Your student has to score higher than every other student in the room to qualify for the highest level of the gifted programs. They have to beat the 99 other students in the room to be able to be admitted.
Yes, that is usually not a problem as long as your school district’s test dates occur after our course is completed. We generally recommend signing up for the center that your child’s school district is in. Please be sure to let us know which school district your student is attending and your student’s testing dates when you sign up for the course.
Unfortunately, not all students report back whether they are accepted into the program and there are no public records available to track acceptance. Based on students who have reported back, and assuming that non-responses were rejections, our success rate is at least 13%. The standard success rate to get into the gifted program is typically 1%.
At this time, our Gifted Test Preparation course is offered for K– 4th grade students. Test preparation for 5th grade students may be available at certain locations with limited availability.
As class materials are meant to be accompanied by class instruction, we are not able to offer the materials for purchase.
Due to the high demand we have received for the course, registration is secured on a first-come first-served basis. We cannot hold any spots for you over the phone or in person. Registration and payment must be completed online.
Due to the competitive nature and difficulty of the tests and varying factors that may affect student performance on the test date, we are not able to guarantee that your child will get in. We do not offer any refunds for the program.
Please check directly with the school district to confirm your student’s test dates. In the past, the majority of testing has happened in the late fall to early winter in November-February.
If your student misses a class, you may still pick up the class materials for the lesson. We do not provide make-up classes.
All course instructors have college educations and tutoring experience at Best in Class. They are also trained specifically to teach the Gifted Test Preparation course.
Since the gifted test preparation course is only 8 weeks, it will not cover all the math and English skills. Our course is meant to introduce students to the types of questions they may face during the testing and help them to build confidence as well as test-taking techniques.
The Gifted Test Preparation course is not intended to be a formal individual assessment of your student’s knowledge, comprehension of the test materials or likelihood to be accepted into the program. Due to the competitive nature of the testing, your student’s chances will vary greatly depending on the number of applicants for the year.
We do not provide sample materials. The course will be covering practice questions from the CogAT and the knowledge-based test, ITBS.
If your child is in 3rd grade, you would sign up for the 3rd grade class. All of our materials are adjusted to the appropriate testing level.