Empower Your Child Through Distance Learning

Same instruction, same curriculum in the comfort of your home

  • Personalized learning plan tailored to your student’s level
  • Instructional videos online to help your child learn new concepts
  • Homework support through online video meetings with instructors
  • Online chat feature to answer student questions in real time
  • Online instruction to enhance our physical packets

We are ready with New Distance Learning options to empower education during COVID-19.

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We know our parents are concerned about the disruption in their children’s education due to COVID-19. To adapt and serve our customers, we have deployed a new multifaceted support strategy that utilizes traditional educational methods and technology to enable our students to be tutored and receive homework help remotely. Our team is committed to providing parents a variety of alternative and safe ways for their children to access quality education, and Distance Learning makes that possible. We will continue to adapt as necessary to meet the needs of our customers.
Laura Leddusire, Vice President of Operations, Best in Class Education Center

At Best in Class, we have resources to help your student continue on their path to a bright academic future. We are providing a variety of alternative and safe ways for children to continue their education through distance and online learning. Please contact your local center to learn more.

Best in Class staff also will offer virtual office hours and video tutorials on common concepts and difficult homework.

Best in Class is a premium education enrichment center committed to building students’ foundational knowledge and critical thinking skills. Centers offer supplemental education classes in English, math and more.

We will do whatever we can to advance the education of our young people while protecting the most vulnerable members of our communities. Our team is committed to assisting our families in navigating this difficult time, and we look forward to continuing our important work of empowering students to change their world.
Hao Lam, Founder and CEO, Best in Class Education Center

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