After-School Program for Elementary Students

Best in Class Education Center offers an affordable and high quality after-school program at our Bellevue location for elementary school students. Our after-school program provides homework help and academic enrichment (English, math, and test preparation). Students will also have the opportunity to build character, leadership, study skills, and much more. Our after-school program provides a healthy learning environment and offers your children safe, fun, and educational surroundings. We can help save time for you by ensuring that your children complete their daily homework and have the opportunity to participate in enriching programs.

Program Details

Homework Help

We will spend at least one hour a day with your children to help them with their school homework assignments.

Best in Class Enrichment Math and English

Students will be given a packet of our proprietary enrichment math and English curriculum each week. They will have at least 30 minutes to work on each subject every day. Our weekly math packets include computations, problem solving, multiple choice questions, and more. Our weekly English exercises cover reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, test prep, and writing skills.

Life Skills

We also help students establish leadership, organizational skills, study habits, team work, and social skills through group activities and interaction with other students and staff. These are a large part of academic success.

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