Why Summer Day Camps Matter

Utilizing child enrichment programs like day camps is a great way to keep your child stimulated between school sessions while still enjoying their summer. There are many fantastic reasons to enroll your child into a summer day camp—beyond that bonus of its being an amazing summer child care option, of course. A day camp is all the fun of summer sleepaway camps with the comfort of having everyone in their beds at night.

Reduce Learning Loss

Each new school year, retaining the previous year’s information is a vital part of your child’s knowledge growth. Summer is a fantastic opportunity for children to utilize all the skills and knowledge they learned during the school year. However, many children spend their summers sedentarily watching television, forgetting what they learned in school and not stimulating their brains through purposeful activity that helps them learn and develop mentally. Keeping a child’s brain engaged in creative settings gives them the best chance for the next year.

Increase Confidence

There are no grades, so what do they have to lose? A kids enrichment program during the summer allows children to be free of failure. They are more apt to engage, take risks, and dig into learning because of the relaxed environment. Children will learn to believe in themselves and be less apprehensive of speaking up. This attribute will only help as they grow towards adulthood. They won’t even realize how much knowledge they’re absorbing because they’re not in a standard classroom situation. Their boost of confidence can help carry them forward into the new school year, assisting in success.

Build Relationships

This same relaxed environment is what encourages children to build stronger social skills and create new friendships. Instructors can spend more time with individual children when one-on-one assistance is needed. Learning to be leaders, to work in groups and collaborate with others about ideas, and to work on understanding others’ points of view promotes interpersonal skills that every child should develop.

Learn Special Skills

Summer programs branch out beyond the standard curriculum to allow enriching activities for children to learn special skills like art, drama, and coding. Allowing children to try new things and discover new passions is one of the exciting reasons children want to keep coming back. The benefit to you is your child can try things without a long-term commitment that may not work out.

Have Fun

Summer camps are fun! This will perhaps be the most important reason to attend, from your child’s perspective. Art, drama, games, and a bunch of entertaining activities for your child will ensure they have a great time.

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No matter what grade, if your child is struggling or excelling in any area, it does not matter. We want to help every child succeed and will do our best to cater to every unique aspect. We are passionate about education and every child that comes through our enrichment programs.

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