When to Enroll Kids in After School Tutoring Programs

Some students struggle through school, while others may find a specific subject especially challenging. After school tutoring programs are designed for these students and help them develop study skills and a better understanding of the material.

Some parents may wonder when it is the right time to start an after school program. At Best in Class Education Center, we encourage students to begin the tutoring process at the first sign of struggle to keep them on par with the rest of their class. For other students, an after school program may be appropriate for a specific occasion, such as an important test, and they should enroll shortly before the event occurs.

Tutoring Intentions

There are multiple reasons why a student may thrive in a private or small group tutoring program. One of the major reasons for enrollment is that a student is having difficulty in a particular subject, such as reading, math, or science. The intent of tutoring for these students may be to help them with homework, guide them through a project, or explain the topic in a unique way to help them understand it better.

Some students lack the skills necessary to take tests successfully. Tutoring can help them develop these abilities to help them become better overall students. Other students may hire a tutor to help them prepare for major exams such as the SAT or TOEFL. Specialized instruction can help focus their studies and help them excel at the test.

Some parents choose to enroll their child in an after school program with the intention of getting additional time in a subject of interest that is not taught in the traditional classroom. This helps the child be more well-rounded, preparing them for higher education.

Benefits of Tutoring Programs

Tutoring programs provide students with benefits that extend beyond academic achievements. Many students who participate in tutoring develop a number of abilities and skills. These benefits may include:

  • Improved behavioral and social skills – when students excel academically, their confidence increases. This may lead to more social interactions and help them feel more comfortable with helping their peers who may be struggling.
  • Reduction in risky or non-productive behaviors – students who spend their time in after school programs tend to make smarter decisions when they are not in school. They also have less time in front of the TV and on cell phones, making their time more productive.
  • Better time management – students who receive one-on-one instruction tend to learn how to work efficiently and manage their own learning. The positive effects of this can be seen in both the classroom and in other areas of their life.

There are many reasons to enroll your child in a tutoring program, and we offer a variety of opportunities for them. Tutoring is beneficial for students of all ages, and it is never too early to start. Whether your child needs guidance in a particular class, wants to develop a specific skill, or has a big exam coming up, we can help. Contact us with any questions and to find out how we can guide your student through their school years.

tutor helping a girl with her work