The Science Behind Summer Learning

It’s summertime! Have you been encouraging your kids to enjoy the sun, have fun, and learn? Yes, that’s right – learning. Keeping kids off the couch and away from the screens can be key in preventing summer break boredom and brain drain. Recently, we discussed the issue of “summer slide”, and we shared some ideas for making summer learning fun. Here, we’ll not only dig deeper into why learning throughout the year is essential to student success, but also why a combination of at-home projects and educational enrichment programs may be the best way to keep kids actively engaged in education throughout the summer.

##Why Summer Learning Is So Crucial

A summer break that lacks educational involvement can cause students to start losing math and reading skills. In fact, some students fall up to two months behind the skill levels that they were at the end of the school year! And, if that isn’t reason enough, research also shows that extending education beyond the school classroom is extremely beneficial:

• Students who participate in educational activities outside of school hours get better grades. • Students who continue to learn throughout the year do better on standardized tests. • Kids who are involved in educational enrichment programs are less likely to be involved in gangs and violence. • Kids who are enrolled in after school education programs are more apt to stay in school.

##Learning at Home and in Educational Enrichment Programs

For many students, a well-rounded approach is how they reach academic success. In other words, supplementing the traditional classroom with other learning environments can be vital in comprehending concepts.

In the Home

Outside of keeping student skills sharp during the summer, planning educational-based activities at home is a great way to show that learning can happen anywhere. Plus, kids benefit from the one-on-one attention. It’s easy to turn everyday activities into creative educational experiences. For example, growing and maintaining a vegetable garden, cooking, or building crafts and models can teach scientific concepts. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to creative educational projects for the home.

Supplemental Educational Enrichment Programs

With enrichment programs, students can get the best of both worlds. If a child thrives in a classroom structure, that kind of environment is available. If individualized education is necessary, that option is also possible. In any situations, the course material always works in conjunction with common standards. The goal is to provide students with resources that are a perfect complement to both traditional schooling and the skills gained at home.

##Why Best in Class Can Help

At Best in Class Education Center, our passionate instructors work with K-12 students in individual and small group settings to help them gain the math, language, English, and critical thinking skills necessary to thrive in school. In addition to educational enrichment programs, private tutoring, and after school education programs, we also hold seasonal programs such as summer camps, and provide college and test preparation classes. Thousands of students have benefited from our curriculum, and with numerous Best in Class locations all over the country, that number only continues to grow. We can give your child the tools and foundation needed to excel in school and build a bright future! Find out more about Best in Class today!

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