4 Summer Learning Activities for Kids

The end of the school year is likely an exciting time for your children. They finally have time to enjoy the outdoors and get a break from classes. Unfortunately, that break can significantly set them back in their learning. According to the Brookings Institution, researchers have identified that during the summer, students may be losing as much as 25-30 percent of what they learn.

Summer learning activities can help to mitigate this summer setback. There is no need to run your own classes for your children during the summer. However, a few educational activities can go a long way.

1. Take a Trip to the Library

Get into the habit of visiting the library on a regular basis. Even if you have access to a lot of reading material at home, the library is a place dedicated to reading and learning. It is a chance for your kids to find both fiction and non-fiction books that interest them. Self-guided learning can be one of the best ways to foster curiosity and a love of discovery.

2. Plan Some Thematic Activities

The summer has a lot of iconic activities: going to the beach, swimming, barbequing, and many others. Try tying some learning opportunities to your kids’ favorite activities. For example, you could plan a beach-themed scavenger hunt. Alternatively, try using meal preparation as a chance to learn about the chemistry of cooking.

3. Give Educational Gifts

Give your kids some gifts that let them explore their favorite subjects more. For example, if your child is interested in computers, give them a book about building computers. Alternatively, if your child is fond of horses, consider a novel that prominently features horse riding.

These reading activities for middle school and elementary school kids can be both educational and fun. The key to inspiring your kids’ curiosity and interest is to get them learning about the things that excite them.

4. Plan an Educational Trip

There are plenty of places you can visit that can be both educational and fun. For example, a historic town or battlefield near you may be an opportunity to learn some history, get some exercise, and enjoy the summer weather. Summer activities can be as intellectually stimulating as they are enjoyable.

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