Starting the School Year Off Right With After School Tutoring Programs!

Does your child make the most of after school hours? You might be a bit surprised to hear that they may not be. Of course, that’s not to say that time is being wasted. Undoubtedly, you work hard to make sure that homework gets done and that they’re ready for the next day ahead of them. However, your child may be missing out on some key skill-building if they’re running home the minute the school day ends. There are immense benefits to enrolling kids in after school tutoring programs, which we will discuss here!

Improves Social Skills

Research has shown that when children start an after school program, there is an increase in student engagement and positive social behaviors. Moreover, there is also a decrease in behavioral problems. With a quality program, your child is not only encouraged to cooperate with others, but also they’re taught the value of being respectful and supportive. When kids have a better understanding of acceptable social interactions, they are more likely to become involved in activities and conversations with other people. Additionally, off-campus programs can introduce kids to new social circles. The social pressures of the everyday school classroom aren’t there.

After School Tutoring Programs Build Confidence

In addition to gaining confidence from becoming more social, kids also start to feel better about their abilities in school. A good after school program will create an environment that is inviting and engaging. It will also offer multiple methods of learning, which can give kids a more well-rounded educational experience. When students master new skills and concepts, their self-esteems improve and they’re more apt to become involved in school and stay away from risky behaviors.

A teacher helps a student with a problem in their packet.

Provides a Different Environment

For some students, a large classroom environment can cause stress that hinders their ability to retain information and function at their best. Many kids do better with the individualized attention that is provided by a small group or in a private setting. By incorporating the support of after school tutoring programs or private tutors, your child gets more of the one-on-one interactions that can help them grasp the concepts that are giving them a hard time.

Provides a Different Perspective

Speaking of grasping concepts, your child is probably learning methods that were not taught to you when you were in school. Obviously, this may sometimes make it hard for you to help with homework. You might end up getting a “but that’s not how my teacher does it.” Many students who start an after school program are connected with instructors who have an understanding of the various problem-solving methods that are taught in today’s classrooms.

Best in Class Education Center helps kids succeed in school by offering affordable after school tutoring programs that utilize proprietary curricula. We provide academic enrichment as well as homework help and test preparation in a fun and welcoming environment. In addition to receiving the educational assistance they need, students also learn social, organizational, leadership, and study skills. If your child needs additional help, we also offer several other programs focused on helping K-12 students in developing and strengthening their critical-thinking, problem-solving, and life skills.

We can help your child succeed in school! Contact Best in Class to find out about the after school tutoring programs available near you!

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