Smooth Transition to School

After an entertaining and memorable summer vacation, it can be difficult for kids to transition back to school, both in the classroom and at home. You do not have to resign yourself to battling with your kids the first week of school, however. With some small changes and preparation a couple of weeks before, you can set your whole family up for successful school readiness.

Get Back into Your Daily Routine

One of the best parts of summer is the freedom it allows. Your kids may have slept in or stayed up later than normal and had more say in what they did all day. Going straight from spontaneity to structure is a challenge, so ease back into it gradually.

Start with following a consistent wake-up time and bedtime. Next, reduce the amount of screen time your children have, especially at night to improve sleep. Eat meals at regular times and limit junk food.

Review Academic Knowledge and Skills

If you do not use information or skills, you are likely to lose them. Help your kids get their minds back into academic mode by reviewing what they learned the previous year, particularly math and handwriting. Make it fun by incorporating these skills into daily life, such as practicing fractions while measuring ingredients for a recipe or writing a letter to a distant friend about summer vacation.

Involve Children in Preparing for the First Day

Taking your kids with you as you shop for back-to-school supplies and clothes can help them feel excited to return. If your kids will be going to a new school, visit it beforehand so they will be familiar with the layout and staff.

Support School Routine

Once school begins, continue to help with the transition by supporting their daily routine. Provide a quiet, clean space away from media distractions for children to do homework. Pack nutritious food to keep them alert throughout the day. Consider enrolling them in a new after-school program or other extracurricular activity.

Encourage Play

Although school is back in session, healthy recreation should not go away. Kids need a balance between work and play. Encourage your children to play outside and socialize with peers to improve physical and emotional well-being. Releasing energy will also help them focus on homework and get better sleep.

Get Outside Help

Even with these tips, your kids may still struggle with school readiness. At Best in Class Education Center, we offer private tutoring and after-school programs to help your children succeed. We also have summer camps you can try next year to ensure your kids have fun and stay smart. Contact us to find out which program is best for their needs by calling 1-888-683-8108 or visiting our website.

Girl in a classroom