5 Reasons Why After School Programs Keep Kids Safe

Today, more children come home to empty houses after school because of working parents and busy lifestyles. Kids in middle school or high school may not need to have a babysitter once they reach a certain age, but it is still wise to invest in after school education programs to ensure children are being safe and responsible in the hours after school ends and before parents come home from work. Additionally, elementary students can benefit from quality after school programs. Best in Class Education Center offers academic programs for students with a variety of needs. Here are five reasons why enrolling your children in an after school program could help keep them safe.

1. Promotes Healthier Choices

Putting your child in a structured after school program helps promote healthier choices during those afternoon hours. Children who come home to an empty house without any supervision may elect to engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as gorging on junk food, playing video games for hours, or inviting other friends over without permission. Going to an educational enrichment center after school can help direct your child to better options, such as building reading and writing skills or mastering college test preparation.

2. Reduces the Chance of Violence

Children who do not have access to structured programs after school may also be more at risk of getting into trouble. According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, juvenile crime, including violence, is most likely to occur in the hours immediately after school ends. In some cases, these incidents can be prevented simply by redirecting young people to more productive activities, such as an academic program after school.

3. Lowers Teen Drug Use

Some after school programs have also been linked to lower rates of teen drug use. In a study sponsored by the organization CASEL, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, research has shown a link between reduced rates of student drug use and participation in an after school program. Students who have access to structured after school academic programs have a lower chance of engaging in risky behaviors, such as drug and alcohol abuse.

4. Helps With Peer Conflict Skills

Students who actively participate in after school programs may also be better equipped to deal with peer conflict. Some programs that offer after school enrichment also help middle school students increase their confidence, learn to solve problems, and improve their social skills. These essential life skills are helpful in keeping kids safe and responsible during the school day and beyond.

5. Gives Lower Income Students More Advantages

A quality program that offers enrichment after school can also help make students in lower income families or from disadvantaged backgrounds be on a more level playing field. These students are the ones who are most at risk of engaging in unsafe behaviors. Enrolling in a structured program helps students be part of a community in a structured, safe, and academically beneficial setting.

Best in Class Education Center has a variety of programs for after school support to students. Check out some of the offerings here to get a taste of what you and your child can expect for homework help, academic enrichment, and life skills.

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