Reasons Why the Best in Class Program Really Works

Education is key to meeting the challenges of adulthood, especially in the areas of financial self-sufficiency and making the best possible life decisions. Unfortunately, many kids are not receiving the educational guidance best suited to their individual needs and learning styles. Assigning one teacher responsibility for a class of more than 20 students is not the most effective way to nurture each child’s development, but after-school enrichment classes can make up for what is missing.

The Best in Class educational after-school programs and tutoring centers offer flexibility, individualized attention, and an environment that stimulates a desire to learn. This is a huge difference.

Why Our After-School Programs Are Effective

Best in Class Education Center provides an extracurricular learning environment that supplements and expands upon the traditional classroom experience. Our programs provide a refreshing change of scene that sparks an increased motivation to learn. The individualized and supportive attention does more than just require students to learn: it inspires them to learn. Our programs work in a variety of ways to accomplish this.

Smaller Groups, Private Settings, and Engaged Learning

Because of their smaller group size and private setting, our programs are better suited to learning. Best in Class teachers are carefully chosen to interact with children in a caring, engaging, and supportive manner. They know how to generate interest and make skill application rewarding. This leads to greater involvement in the learning process and builds students’ self-confidence.

Proprietary Programs Both Support and Expand Upon Common Core

Common Core standards for mathematics and English language arts are incorporated into the Best in Class curriculum. Our proprietary methods and exercises not only enable students to stay on track but also give kids a way to exceed these standards. The creatively designed, highly effective and proven methods in our curricula are unique to Best in Class Education Center and will not be found in other after-school programs.

An Environment Fostering Positive Behavior and Personal Development

Best in Class Education Center provides more than academic development. Kids develop interactive skills enabling them to grow into responsible adults and successfully navigate their way through a rapidly changing world. The critical thinking ability gained prepares students to take on the challenges of a demanding job market and make positive life choices.

Flexible Approaches Tailored to Each Student’s Individual Needs

Whether your child is struggling in school or overachieving, the approach taken will be the one most suited to their individual needs. The combination of smaller group sizes, proven methods, and educators who are passionate about learning ensures your child will benefit from one-on-one interactions not possible in a traditional classroom setting.

It’s Neither Too Late Nor Too Early to Start

Our programs are well-suited to children of all ages. Pre-schoolers between the ages of 3 and 5 can build a solid foundation of skills to enable them to better adjust to the kindergarten environment. Middle schoolers facing the unique stressors of adolescence have much to gain from the positive reinforcement and academic guidance of our middle-school programs. Academically gifted kids eager for further challenges benefit from our test-prep programs and achieve better scores on entrance exams.

There is much more to what Best in Class after-school enrichment classes can offer. Contact us to find out which specialized program will best meet the needs of your child’s academic development and personal growth.

Kids working in Best in Class classroom