Planning for Success: Setting up for Your Child’s Next (and Best) School Year

It’s mid-summer around the nation, and that means families are vacationing, kids are riding their bikes with friends, and the days pass with a bit more freedom than during the rest of the year. Some school districts will see students start the next school year as early as the second week of August, and others will restart after Labor Day. While you enjoy the rest of the summer with your child, it’s a good time to begin thinking about how to set up the 2021-2022 school year for success.

Create a Designated Learning Space

Part of motivation is setting up an environment conducive to learning. Many families default to a kitchen table, but these areas of the home are often filled with distractions from siblings, phone conversations, television, and dinner preparations. These distractions cause children to split their attention between the stimuli around them and their work at hand. According to the University of Illinois researchers, when students are made to multitask, their learning is shallower and spottier, and they recall and apply less.

In preparation for the next school year, talk to your child about a good space in the home to read and do homework. Kids love making crafts and other projects, so let your child have some buy-in and contribute by: creating “can do” pictures and posters to hang. Help your child think of encouraging phrases for motivation to read on days when they are less than motivated or feeling frustrated. choosing an indoor desk plant. Greenery has a way of cheering up space and connecting us to nature. organizing a small library of varied reading materials for days when students need to log independent reading time.

Set Time Budgets

Fall doesn’t just mean the start of the school year. It is often the kick-off season for many extracurricular sports and activities. MId-school year, parents often find themselves feeling pulled in many directions because of overcommitment to extracurriculars. Activities are fun, but too many of them may not give children the time they need for homework, adequate sleep, and downtime to unwind and do the true job of children—play. Talk with your children ahead of the busy back-to-school season about which activities are most important to take part in this upcoming school year. Discuss when the best times will be to do homework and spend family time. This way, everyone will enter the next school year with a plan in mind.

Enroll in Enrichment and Tutoring Programs Before You Think You Need Them

As the next school year gets rolling, some children will start struggling with math or reading and language arts, while others who need more challenging material will begin to complain of boredom. If you already know your child has a history of difficulty with a particular subject, or your child generally needs more enrichment to stay engaged, you can start a quality learning program before the notes start coming home from the teacher. Preventative interventions will make for more successful, confident, and happy students.

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