It’s National Reading Month!

National Reading Month is this March, and it presents a wonderful opportunity for parents to focus on developing their children’s reading comprehension skills. Parents can make sure their kids have plenty of books to read for themselves, or if the kids are not quite old enough yet, then parents can set aside 15 minutes every day for reading aloud. There are a number of ways to make this activity fun. By practicing these exercises for reading comprehension, your child may make every month a reading month.

Create a Reading Challenge

National Reading Month may only be 31 days, but that is more than enough time to encourage your kids to meet a personal goal. If your child is old enough, then you may want to consider creating a scorecard featuring various types of books for your kid to read. For example, the list could include categories such as:

  • A book with one word as the title
  • A book with talking animals
  • A parent’s favorite book
  • A book written by two people

This type of list encourages your child to think outside the box and read something he or she may not have picked up otherwise. Offer an incentive, such as a pizza party or a gift card, if your child completes the challenge.

Read All Books From a Single Author

Another fun option is to urge your kids to pick books from the same author and really delve into the artist’s collection of works. A great choice for younger children is to read through the works of Dr. Seuss. His birthday is March 2nd, which makes it perfect for National Reading Month.

Get Audio Books and Movies

Reading comprehension practice does not have to solely involve reading. If your child has difficulty reading or simply does not enjoy it, then you may want to find some audio books for your kid to listen to. Put on the audio book when you are driving your child to and from school. Before you know it, your child will have listened to many stories and may be more open to the idea of reading more often.

Another idea for children who do not enjoy reading is to find books that have movie adaptations. Many children’s movies are based on books. Watching the movie version can make the child more excited to read the book. For older kids, you can engage them in discussion about the differences between the film and the book versions of the story.

Involve the Whole Family

Setting an example for your children by letting them see you read can help them be more interested in reading themselves. National Reading Month is for people of all ages, not just kids! Perhaps you can have your children pick books for you to read as you pick books for them to read.

Visit Your Local Library

Buying all these books is not necessarily cheap. Luckily, you can take your kids to the local library where they can read to their heart’s content without you having to spend a lot of money. If your kids do not currently have library cards, then that is a fun activity to do during this month. Give your children the freedom to pick out the books they want to read. You can always pick out one or two books on your own if your kids do not pick anything too challenging or educational.

Make reading fun during National Reading Month this March. Through your encouragement and enrollment in an education enrichment program at Best in Class, your child will have the tools necessary to excel. Reach out with any general questions or comments through our online form.

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