How to Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long

Are you in the midst of an epic battle? We totally get it. It’s the time of year when the fight against video games and smartphones is at its peak, and it’s hard to convince kids that summer break is not a break from reading. However, don’t give up! An education-less summer can result in brain drain, which can set a child’s skill level back by two months! Thankfully, when it comes to maintaining reading comprehension for kids, there are some great strategies to keep the interest in reading going all year long.

Don’t Limit the Reading Material

When thinking about reading comprehension activities for kids, you don’t have to structure it exactly like school. It’s not necessary to pick out specific books or assignments for them; they’ll have plenty of that when class starts up again. Hit up your local library or bookstore and let the kids choose books that they are truly interested in. It’s just important to make sure it’s not below their reading level to the point that it’s boring or too easy. Additionally, you don’t have to restrict them to just books and educational material. It’s okay to let your kids read their favorite comic series, or you might even want to consider getting kid-friendly magazine subscriptions in their names to mix it up.

Reading Comprehension for Kids Includes Reading Aloud

Reading comprehension is not just about getting children to physically read their own material. It’s also about encouraging them to make a connection between the written text and the meaning of the story. Research shows that reading aloud to children is key in the development of their literacy skills. Moreover, having them read aloud to you is beneficial as well. In addition to having them read you the various materials they’ve chosen, ask them to also read signs, billboards, maps, and other forms of text that they come across in everyday life.

It’s also worth noting that children can understand language at a higher level than they can read it. This means you can read them materials that are beyond their reading capabilities, but they can still understand it. When they listen to more advanced writing styles, it can help them strengthen vocabulary and better understand story structure.

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Make It a Little More Interesting

Improving reading comprehension for kids can definitely include some fun and games. One idea is to ask your kids to put together a scrapbook with pictures and items from their summer activities. Have them create and write all the captions and read them back to you. Additionally, you can get them to engage in a little friendly competition. For example, Scholastic has a free online reading challenge, or there may be competitions through your local library. You can also consider summer camps that include reading comprehension activities for kids. It’s not only a great way for students to keep their skills sharp during summer break, but it also helps them to stay socially active and gain self-esteem and confidence.

Not to toot our own horn, but Best in Class Education Center has locations all over the country that offer diverse summer camps. We work to improve reading comprehension for kids by introducing concepts in a fun and nurturing environment. And, reading is just the tip of the iceberg! Our summer programs also cover other subjects such as math, arts and crafts, science, social studies, theater, and health and nutrition. Best in Class students benefit from highly effective curricula and passionate teachers who have helped thousands of kids achieve overall academic success. We get students of all skill levels well-prepared for the school year!

You don’t have to battle with your kids any longer. With the strategies above, it is possible to get them excited about reading all summer long!

A teacher helps a student read