How to Find an Excellent Math Tutor

Many students struggle with topics such as algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, and numerous other areas of mathematics. To keep your grade point average up, it’s often smart to enlist the aid of a qualified math tutor. At Best in Class Education Center, we offer a mathematics program designed to help students of all ages get ahead. We provide excellent instruction on critical thinking skills and mathematical education at multiple levels due to our thorough curriculum and excellent math tutors. To really get ahead in your mathematics education, you should know what to look for in an expert tutor.

Know Your Expectations

Before you look for math tutoring services, you should understand exactly what you need from the tutor. You should outline what level of education you’re seeking tutoring for, whether it’s grade school, middle school, high school, vocational school, or university. Determine whether you need help with specific courses or with concepts of mathematics overall.

For example, you may struggle with visualizing real numbers and relating them to practical contexts and therefore need more foundational help independent of a particular mathematical discipline. You may struggle with trigonometry and how to complete complex equations and so require help specific to trigonometry at the high school or college level. You may need short-term tutoring before an exam or long-term tutoring to help with a specific course. Knowing this information can be pivotal in choosing a math tutor best suited to your needs.

Research Their Qualifications

When researching a math tutor, you should look for people with these qualifications:

  • Successful completion of your course of study with high grade averages
  • Experience as educators, teaching assistants, or graduate students in the area of math you’re struggling with
  • Certification in tutoring courses
  • Multiple years of experience as tutors
  • Referrals from satisfied clients

What matters most is finding someone qualified to teach and support you in the field of mathematics you’re studying. You can do this by evaluating a tutor’s professional qualifications and work history. At Best in Class Education Center, our tutors are vetted as having the skills and knowledge necessary to provide solid educational support.

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Compare Tutors

You may find multiple tutors who meet your basic criteria. In this case, you may need to compare tutors to determine which one stands out from the others so that you can make a choice. You may wish to evaluate them based on their work history and whether they have teaching credentials versus graduate-level experience, or by the duration of their experience. Someone with ten years of experience may be more appealing to you than someone with only two. You may also want to see with which age group they’re most experienced working. This may make a difference if you’re a younger student and are concerned you may not benefit as much from tutors who have mostly worked with adult learners, and vice versa. Make a list of your top criteria and determine which of the tutors you’ve evaluated meets those criteria best.

Compare Tutors

If you have any questions about finding a tutor or would like more information on our programs, get in touch today. Find a Best in Class Education Center location near you, and talk with our specialists about your math tutoring needs.

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