How Student Enrichment Programs Can Prepare Your Teen for College

It may be no surprise to hear that we at Best in Class often sing the praises of student enrichment programs. After all, we interact with kids of all ages every day and are able to witness them grow and flourish academically. What many parents of high schoolers, and even high schoolers themselves, don’t realize is that supplemental education is not just for elementary school children.

The best tutoring programs are also able to extend their services to encompass classes that help high school students prepare for college. Transitioning into higher education can be one of the biggest challenges in life, but the right program can help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Covering Your Admissions Bases with Student Enrichment Programs

Obviously, a crucial piece of the college admissions process is showing a mastery of academics. This is why Best in Class offers top-quality tutoring programs that help high school students gain proficiency in the concepts being taught in today’s classrooms. However, preparing for college involves a lot more than showing a history of good grades. In fact, for some, getting into college can be just as hard as graduating from college! Fortunately, high-quality preparation courses provide guidance in the steps a student should take when planning for college. This may include the following:

  • How to compile a list of colleges
  • Help with the college applications
  • Tips on financial aid and other financing options
  • Advice on how to write a first-rate personal statement
  • Assistance with editing various essay answers

Student Enrichment Programs That Include Test Preparation

We all probably remember what it was like when we were in high school. For some of us, the mutterings of preparing for the SAT and other college entrance exams began when we started our freshman year. Today, getting into the top schools is more competitive than ever, and doing well on the SAT/ACT is still a crucial factor.

The best tutoring programs will have comprehensive SAT and ACT test prep programs that cover more than just the basic subject matter. There will also be other areas of focus including test-taking methods and how to think critically. The goal of these types of student enrichment programs should be to help your teen gain the confidence and skills necessary to efficiently and effectively navigate admissions tests.

A student smiles at the camera while working on a packet.

Best in Class Knows College and SAT/ACT Prep!

We’re extremely proud of the college and test prep programs that we have developed for Best in Class students. With us, your high schooler can choose an environment that works best for them. If they work better in a group setting, small classes of 6 to 10 students are available. If more individualized attention is required, we also offer one-on-one or two-students-to-a-teacher instruction.

Moreover, while we do focus on the educational aspects of tests including math, vocabulary building, analysis, critical reading, grammar, and essay writing, our student enrichment programs also emphasize test-taking strategies and approaching problems in an effective manner. In addition, we also have classes that will help your teen with choosing schools, completing applications, finding college financing, and writing and proofreading top-notch essays.

We are passionate about education, which includes helping high schoolers get off on the right foot for college. Higher education is not only vital to the futures of the individual students, but also the future of society as a whole.

Do you want your high schooler to have a competitive edge when it comes to getting into college? Contact us to find out more about our student enrichment programs!

A high school student works with an instructor on the computer.