5 Ways Private Tutoring Can Help Your Child's Grades Improve

Many students struggle through their classes on a daily basis. Large class sizes, few resources, and a difference in learning needs are among the top contributing factors. Private tutoring services can ignite a love of learning , encouraging students to do their best and building confidence. Here are five ways that a tutor can help improve your child’s academic performance.

1. Providing One-on-One Attention

Large classes make it easy for students to blend in and be overlooked. Teachers may not be able to provide the time and attention your child needs to improve. The longer this situation continues, the more difficult it is for students to get back on track, and it can be detrimental to their self-esteem. Tutors can focus on the areas that are the most challenging, giving the child confidence that they can learn.

2. Working at the Student’s Pace

Classroom teachers are required to cover a specific amount of material each term. Sometimes the lessons move too quickly, and children are hesitant to ask questions in front of the class. They may need more time to grasp specific concepts. When there is no peer pressure, students feel free to ask any question they have as often as they need to understand the answers. The private tutors can take the time necessary to ensure your child understands the topic and can apply the concepts.

3. Learning More Than the Syllabus

Private tutors often teach more than the information required by the curriculum. They teach study and organization skills, offer time management tips, and show students how to prioritize their tasks. These skills can transfer to your child’s everyday life, which can make them as valuable as the school work.

4. Scheduling is Flexible

Busy schedules often mean family members are heading different directions throughout the day. A private tutor can schedule sessions around school, extracurricular, and family requirements. It also means that if a testing period or big project is coming up, the tutor can help your student prepare.

5. Setting Goals and Objectives

Children attend classes and move through their daily lives without much thought given to what they want to achieve. Tutors praise, encourage, and offer feedback that helps students set goals and reach them. This instills confidence which often transfers to other areas of the child’s life.

Signs Your Child is Struggling

Keeping up with your children can be a challenge. Here are a few things to keep an eye on if you suspect a tutor may be needed.

  • Increasingly poor grades
  • Falling behind in homework
  • Losing interest in school
  • Feeling stressed about class scores and tests
  • Visibly struggling with specific homework requirements (i.e., reading, writing, math)
  • Avoiding homework or even discussing it

Finding the Right Tutor

At Best in Class Education Center, our experienced teachers work closely with students. They help build study skills, independence, and confidence by offering curriculum taught in the way that each student learns best. We specialize in assisting K-12 students of all abilities. Our flexible, affordable programs support individual student growth , giving them an academic edge. Contact us to find a private tutor that meets your child’s educational needs.

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