How Can Children Benefit from a Quality Enrichment Program?

Learn 5 ways all children can benefit from quality enrichment programs this summer.

It’s no surprise that every child’s education was affected in the 2020-2021 school year by the pandemic. According to Time, by the end of the current school year, many US students are likely to have suffered up to 9 months of learning loss in math learning alone. Now, more than a year beyond the school shutdowns, challenges persist in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.

With summer break now here, taking proactive steps towards closing this year’s compounded “summer slide” gap is a priority for many parents. Learners need quality enrichment programs to ensure they enter the next year confidently on track for success. Best in Class Education Centers are continuously committed to offering education support to help students adapt and excel in their learning pursuits and also dedicated to helping parents feel confident their students have the tools to succeed.

Benefits of Quality Enrichment Programs:

  1. Engaged Curiosity and Further Learning: A child’s school day is jam-packed with learning objectives, and the pace of information presented may not always allow much opportunity for a child’s natural curiosity and exploration. A quality enrichment program gives students more time to explore learning, find perspectives and framework for what they are learning, and solidify concepts by formulating deeper connections.
  2. A Reignited Love for Learning: Whatever you do day in and day out can become mundane. It’s human nature. Offering children a fresh learning experience can jumpstart their natural love for learning. Best in Class’s expertly designed programs, which combine social interaction and advanced technology tools to enhance engagement, can renew a student’s interest in topics of math or language. New experiences can bring refreshed motivation for both struggling and accelerated learners.
  3. Opportunities for Social and Soft Skill Growth: During the last school year, most children had drastically fewer opportunities to engage other minds and perspectives in their learning experiences. Small group enrichment programs can be fertile grounds for students to shape social and soft skills. Enrichment programs offer spaces for children to practice invaluable skills for the classroom and beyond such as active listening, collaborative learning, making connections to the world, and forming and expressing opinions.
  4. Increased Confidence and Decreased Anxiety: Children rely on routines for feelings of safety and security, but their schooling, extracurricular opportunities, and social lives were disrupted in major ways over the last year. Research is showing that anxiety has increased in prevalence among youth due to COVID-19. An anxious student is often focused on what could happen next instead of enjoying the journey of learning. Giving children access to enrichment programs can help them regain their joy of being part of a learning community and light their paths to see beyond the here and now into a bright future. Confident students are more capable learners.
  5. Closed Learning Gaps and Academic Advantages: A quality enrichment program can buffer the gaps for students who had to engage learning in a less than optimal way. Programs like those we offer at Best in Class Education Centers give students a fun and engaging learning experience that is based on learning levels and not on grade levels. Students who need extra help in an area can have their needs met where they are, and another student who craves challenge can be reached with higher than grade level opportunities. We believe learning should evolve with a student’s abilities.

With passionate teachers, a proven curriculum, and the best in education technology, Best in Class Education Centers are here to close gaps, increase confidence, and make learning stimulating and fun! It’s easy to get started! Find a center near you or contact us. We partner to help children reach their goals.

Asian girl enjoying the benefits of a quality enrichment program