How After-School Enrichment Activities Help High Schoolers Prepare for College

Competition for getting into college has increased since parents attended university. It’s even greater for students who are applying for scholarships to help pay for the steep cost of higher education. Some teens burn themselves out trying to pad their applications, whereas others find it too challenging to even try. No matter which description reflects your situation, you may be wondering what you can do to help your teen prepare for college in a beneficial yet realistic way. The answer is enrolling them in after-school enrichment activities.

What Are After-School Programs?

After-school programs are additional academic settings that run once the normal school day is over. They are different from other extracurricular activities in that they focus on and supplement school learning. Examples of such programs include:

  • Group or independent tutoring
  • Preparation for competitive exams
  • Advanced exploration in specific subjects
  • Educational planning

These programs are relevant whether your high schooler needs to catch up or wants to get ahead.

The Benefits of After-School Enrichment Activities

Enrolling your teen in an enrichment activity may seem like just another thing to spend time and money on, but research has shown the quantity and quality of its benefits. The most obvious is that your child’s academic understanding and performance will improve. Motivation and grades will go up, which also means less arguing with your teen over these matters. Your child may even discover a hidden talent or an unknown interest in a particular subject.

Less familiar but just as important are the non-academic benefits. reveals a comprehensive list of these positives that studies have found, including lower rates of students dropping out of school, using drugs, and participating in criminal behavior, because they’re in a safe, supportive environment once school gets out.

How After-School Activities Prepare Kids for College

Perhaps the biggest benefit for teens is the college preparation that after-school enrichment activities provide. Better grades and more involvement in learning make it easier for kids to get into and, more importantly, stay in college. Classes on the SAT and ACT prepare students for the rigorous college-entrance tests so that they can score higher.

In addition, Best in Class Education Center offers a program that is just for planning for college, both academically and non-academically. It covers the following areas:

  • Deciding which schools to apply to and which one to attend
  • Filling out applications correctly by the deadlines
  • Writing strong, error-free personal statements and essays
  • Reviewing options for paying for college
  • Seeking financial aid

This program can also help students make relevant decisions while still in high school, such as which classes to take and extracurricular activities to be involved in to be accepted into college and prepare for their educational goals.

A Step-by-Step Approach

With Best in Class Education Center, your child can start now on the journey to lifelong academic success. We take a step-by-step approach to build a strong foundation in every stage of your child’s educational career. Look through our various programs to find the one that is right for your growing learner.

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