How a Summer Camp Can Benefit Your Child

As the school year winds down, you may start wondering, “Are there summer camps near me? How can my child benefit from attending?” The answer to the first question is almost certainly “yes”; the American Camp Association maintains a database containing well over 3,500 camps nationwide. It is probably safe to say that every state in the nation, whether large or small, urban or rural, has summer camp programs available.

When it comes to choosing a camp, there are many factors that can impact your decision, including the distance from your home, the camp’s duration, and whether the camp is overnight or day camp. Summer day camps provide all the fun and activities of overnight camps while providing peace of mind for children and parents alike by allowing campers to return home at the end of the day to spend time with family.

Regardless of whether you decide to send your child to overnight camp or day camp this summer, the experience offers them physical, educational, and social advantages.

Physical Advantages

Many children do not get enough exercise and rely too much on unhealthy snack foods. Childhood obesity has doubled as a result. Physical activities at camp can help children keep fit while having fun, and attending camp may help them learn to practice healthy eating habits as well.

Educational Advantages

When school lets out for the summer, many children engage in activities that do not build on the knowledge they learned during the school year, and they lose skills as a result. This lack equates to a loss of approximately two months’ worth of reading and math skills over the school year that teachers have to spend time and money re-teaching in September. Summer camp programs can augment and enrich these skills, helping to prevent the so-called “summer slide.”

In addition, summer camps may offer the opportunity for your child to develop interests and skills in other vocational areas that may not be included, or explored in depth, in their school’s curriculum, such as drama and theatre, arts and crafts, sports, technology, music, and more.

Social Advantages

Unlike school, where performance is graded, camp is a low-pressure environment in which kids can try new things without fear of failure, which can increase self-confidence. In addition, camp helps to build understanding between children of different backgrounds and teaches social skills like cooperation and teamwork.

Best in Class Summer Camps Available

Summer camp programs from Best in Class Education Center allow kids to enjoy summer fun while enriching their academic skills. Find out more today about our program offerings by visiting our website or calling 1-888-683-8108.

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