Avoiding Holiday Brain Drain During Winter Break

While it sure is nice to kick back and unwind once school is out for Winter Break, you and your child should be wary of completely turning off their brains for a two or three-week period. Not unlike the “Summer Slide,” Winter Break can be a time where students shut down and lose a lot of what they learned in the first half of the school year. By incorporating education and learning into the holidays in a fun way, your child won’t feel like they are back in school but won’t have to suffer from learning loss.

Best in Class, which helps K-12 students prepare for academic success through customized educational programs, is constantly thinking of ways for students and parents to find new learning opportunities in their everyday lives.

Here are six ways you can help avoid brain drain during Winter Break for your child:

Keep a Reading Schedule

First things first—don’t let the extra time off ruin your usual routine. Maintain a regular reading schedule with your child to keep them on track with school readings as well as reading just for fun. This time can serve as a nice break from other activities and time around the whole family.

Get Active

Physical activity is proven to help increase brain function by improving memory and lengthening attention span. Anything that is good for your heart will benefit your brain. Depending on the weather, have your kids get active inside or outside.

Play Board Games

Board games provide a mental workout for everyone playing by strengthening attention, visual processing and cognitive skills. Scrabble, Risk, and Monopoly are all classic board game examples the whole family can play – or, try a jigsaw puzzle for mental stimulation.

Visit a Museum

With your extra time off, museums are the perfect educational activity to do with your kids. If you have time to research, find a museum that includes an exhibit that aligns with your child’s school curriculum. This will provide more of a worldview for your child’s schoolwork and incorporate extra learning on topics he or she is already familiar with from school.

Plan an Arts & Crafts Day that Aligns with School Curriculum

Instead of turning on the TV or playing video games, your child can benefit from working on arts & crafts projects. Pinterest is a great resource for parents for researching various projects that can relate to what your child is learning in school. Not only will it keep your child busy, but it will also allow your child to practice motor skills and can create home decorations the whole family can enjoy.

Get Organized and Review Schoolwork

Planning ahead can significantly reduce stress that comes with a new semester. Whether your child needs to do homework, get organized, or quickly refresh what he or she has learned leading up to Winter Break, your child will feel more prepared heading back to school in January with a little preparation.

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