Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids by Age Group

From candy to costumes, Halloween is all about fun. Get the whole family involved in decorating your home for the season through these fall crafts for kids. It will not only give your children an opportunity to use their creativity and learn new skills but will also provide quality time together.

Elementary School Kids

A cute craft for younger kids is a mummy made from an empty toilet paper roll. Paint the roll black or cover it in black paper. Glue on two googly eyes. Then wrap gauze around the roll, gluing it down in a few places to prevent it from sliding off. Turn it into a game of bowling by making 10 mummies and using a mini pumpkin as the bowling ball.

Middle Schoolers

A simple but cool-looking craft for tweens is making Halloween characters out of mason jars and tissue paper. Cut strips of tissue paper to be 1 to 2 inches wide. With Mod Podge, glue same-colored strips around the outside and bottoms of each jar: white for ghosts, orange for jack-o-lanterns, and green for monsters. Dry the jars upside down.

While you wait, cut out facial features from black construction paper. Glue them on the tissue paper with a glue stick. Paint the jar rim or tie a ribbon around it. Then display the jars in a window for sunlight to shine through. At night, you can place an artificial candle or battery-operated string lights inside for a spooky glow.

High Schoolers

An easy yet intricate craft for high schoolers is button art. Use heavy cardstock or a rectangular piece of burlap as the base to display inside a picture frame, or glue the buttons onto a regular or burlap canvas frame.

Whatever foundation you pick, either draw freehand or trace a printed outline of the Halloween item you want to make, such as a candy corn, pumpkin, or black cat. You can paint in the picture first so that no background color shows through or wait until the end to fill in the small gaps with seed beads.

Start filling in the outline with buttons. You may want to play around with the arrangement before gluing with a hot glue gun. Once you have the bottom layer of buttons glued on, add another layer on top to cover the spaces between the bottom buttons. If you chose not to paint the area first, then fill in any leftover gaps with seed beads.

DIY fall crafts are only one way for your children to develop skills and take a break from screen time. Another is to enroll your children in a Best in Class Education Center program for a boost in academic performance.