Guide for SAT Preparation

Researching colleges can be an exciting endeavor as your high-schooler decides which to apply to and what major or extracurricular activities to choose. The better their application, the more options your child will have to choose from and the more likely they will get accepted. A significant factor is the SAT score. This test is known for being challenging, so preparing for it, such as through SAT prep classes, is a must to see an increase in score.

1. What You Need to Know About the SAT

Knowledge of how the test works is the first step in your child’s doing well on it. The format has undergone changes over the years to make it less abstract and complicated. The new approach is to test logical reasoning skills to make the process fairer for different abilities and to provide a better assessment of intelligence.

The test covers reading, writing and language, and math. There is also an optional essay, though your child’s chosen colleges may require it. The essay entails reading a passage and analyzing the techniques the author uses to present an argument. Subject tests are also available and may be university requirements, too.

When Your Child Should Take the SAT

Because it is not common to get the highest score the first time, your child may want to take the SAT two or three times (more than that is unlikely to yield better results.) This means that putting it off until right before college applications are due is not a good idea.

Your child should start taking it junior year to allow plenty of time for second and third chances. They can even take it sooner if they are experienced with advanced SAT math.

Why Your Child Should Take SAT Prep Classes

Although taking practice tests online is an option, thorough preparation involves more than just this step. Completing a course through Best in Class Education Center offers the following advantages:

  • Guidance in working through challenging problems
  • Progress reports and feedback on strengths and weaknesses
  • One-on-one attention for personalized assistance
  • Tips in time management and other test strategies
  • Familiarity with the procedures and policies on test day
  • Practice in a classroom setting instead of only at home

When your child is fully prepared, they will feel more confident and less anxious. This emotional balance will translate into better performance as well.

Where to Take SAT Prep Classes

You do not need to look further than Best in Class Education Center for prep classes, both for the SAT and the ACT, another standardized exam that most schools accept. Sign up your child to let us help them achieve their educational goals.

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