Closing the COVID Gap - What You Can Do To Help Your Child Catch-Up This Summer Webinar

Throughout this pandemic, students and teachers alike had to develop learning strategies to continue with the educational progress. Students are now looking forward to decompressing and relaxing this summer, however, this can result in student’s learning regression.

This past Thursday, June 3rd Best in Class Learning Center hosted a great webinar in collaboration with the WATS board that discussed how to understand where your child may be struggling, as well as easy ways parents can keep children engaged in learning, while still giving them plenty of time for fun in the sun and time with friends.

The outcome of this webinar was greatly informative and parents acquired new information on how to help their children from falling behind.

We also uploaded the video to our Best in Class Youtube Channel for those of you that could not attend this great online event, please click the link below so you may learn these techniques first hand.

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