Challenge Yourself: Math Activities for Summer

The summer is a time of sunshine, relaxation, and no classes. While kids tend to love this last part, parents are a little more skeptical, and rightfully so. Summer setback is a well-recorded issue that affects a lot of young people. This can be especially significant for math because it is much harder to work into the summer break than topics like reading or history. Here are a few fun math activities for the summer.

Add Math to an Already Fun Activity

Sometimes, the best way to find fun math activities middle school and elementary school children will want to participate in is to incorporate math into a hobby. If your child likes reading, find a book on how math plays a role in our everyday lives. Similarly, if your child enjoys sports, try using math to understand the scores and statistics of their favorite games.

It is often easier to highlight the learning opportunities in fun activities than to make fun activities out of learning. This can be a powerful way to help kids with math by making it seem more grounded.

Play a Game

Plenty of games involve math in them. You could create your own game that involves mathematics. For example, you may have your child play a scavenger hunt and solve math problems in order to get the next clue. Alternatively, you can play an existing game that involves math. Many games involve adding and subtracting money or other forms of scoring.

Build Together

Building toys such as Lego can be an excellent way to help kids with math. For example, if your child learned geometry during the last school year, build shapes together based on their classwork. If they learned arithmetic, use building as a visual representation of addition and subtraction. This is also a great way to foster an interest in STEM fields.

Take a Trip

Many science museums have interactive exhibits based on math. These can be an interesting way to learn math while also enjoying a day out. Additionally, math has a long and rich history. Your local historical museums may have some content based on famous mathematicians and other facts about math.

Try Our Summer Camp

The Best In Class Education summer camp is another great way to keep your kids learning math and other subjects while school is out. Our goal is to help kids excel in their education both during the summer and in the academic year. We are happy to help your child master math and all the subjects of their classes. Contact us today by calling 1-888-683-8108 or by visiting our website.

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