6 New Year’s Resolutions for Students and Parents

Parents can help their students stay on track next year by implementing key changes in their work and study habits. A youth enrichment program or private tutor can help with this process by encouraging long-lasting habits that may bolster high levels of academic performance. As January approaches, consider these 6 strategies to ensure a successful year.

1. Discover New Books

While summer reading is an effective way to inspire better book habits, you do not have to wait until school is out. Start by setting a yearly reading goal for both you and your children. You can apply popular summer reading strategies to track progress year-round.

2. Clear the Clutter

You would be surprised by how much unnecessary clutter your child may be carrying around in their backpack. Sit down with your kids and sort through bookbags, desks, and notebooks to eliminate anything that is no longer needed. Study areas can become better organized with additional bookcases or shelving so that everything has its place.

3. Enroll in a Youth Enrichment Program

Fighting a daily homework battle is fun for no one, but enforcing good study habits early in a child’s education is important for later success. An after- school program will make it much easier for students to learn discipline and set priorities.

4. Make Healthier Choices

Begin by substituting one unhealthy snack per day with a smarter option, such as a fruit or vegetable. If you are constantly rushing out the door and skipping breakfast, make a commitment to get up a little earlier. Adjust bedtimes if necessary to make sure everyone gets the proper amount of sleep.

5. Be More Positive

Encourage more positive thinking in your household. When helping your children with areas of study they find challenging, be sure to remind them of all the areas in which they excel. Understanding their positive attributes will give them the confidence to keep working towards more difficult goals. If they are struggling with certain subjects and lack self-esteem, they may benefit from a private tutor.

6. Get Together

Check in with your children constantly to see how they are doing. You may not know the areas they are struggling in until you sit down and encourage them to discuss it. Schedule as much quality time as you are able to and do your best to arrange a family dinner a few times a week. This will help with constant communication so that you always know what your child needs and when.

Students and their parents should always be working toward goals of improvement. Best in Class Education Center can help children achieve these goals through a number of programs geared towards academic success. Contact us today on our website or by calling 1-888-683-8108.

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