5 Ways to Fall into Focus with Family Routines

As we all know, summer comes and goes too quickly. The pool days and evening cookouts of summer are giving way to the time when American children head back to school. Although it’s natural for children to want summer break to linger longer, having family routines in place will help them successfully move into the fresh fall season.

Just like adults, children thrive on predictability to feel secure and confident. Familiarity with the flow of a typical day helps them feel in control of their environment. Strong family routines are also linked to better social development and academic outcomes. How can I help my child establish positive school year routines?

Simple! Follow these easy-to-implement tips to beat the back-to-school blues and return to school with established family and school routines that work!

  1. Determine how long you reasonably need for your morning and evening routines. Reserve some mornings before school starts for time eating breakfast, getting dressed, and running through bathroom routines so that you can establish time frames that work and know when to set wake-up times. Setting enough time for your family’s routine will prevent stress, frustration, and forgetting essential materials. Have some practice evenings, too, for your child to plan the next day’s outfit and pack a lunch. Then, when the first day comes, everyone will be ready to put these routines into practice.

  2. Set up a dedicated school workspace. Having an area strictly for school/homework allows your child to separate work from play and is a great way to stay organized. Keeping notebooks, pencils, calculators, and all other school items in this designated area will ensure that they don’t get misplaced and that your child will not need to interrupt homework tasks to find school supplies. Keep this area calm and free from distractions to aid their focus. Additionally, set up dedicated homework times that coincide with your availability to assist your child when they need you.

  3. Enroll in supports before school even begins. Most parents have a good idea of their child’s aptitudes. You probably know which subjects your student excels in and which require more effort based on their past performance. At Best in Class Education Centers, we encourage parents that now is the time to set up support services for tutoring and enrichment programs, before your child experiences frustration or feelings of failure. Give them a strong start for year-long success!

  4. Keep your schedule visible. Displaying your daily schedule somewhere your child can easily see it will help them to stay on track. Try to have a clock nearby as well, so they can correlate the task they are working on with the time it should be done.

  5. Implement a reward system. Putting personalized incentives into place will keep your child motivated. They will feel good about the hard work they are completing, and who doesn’t like to be rewarded for their efforts? Set clear expectations for how to earn incentives right away so that they know what behaviors you will reward.

It’s not always easy to get back into a school-year routine, but we hope these tips will help to set your child up for a smooth start and a successful school year! Best in Class Education Centers are here to help with the back-to-school transition and get kids excited about learning. Contact us today to learn about our proven curriculum to support your child’s studies, confidence, and independence!

5 Ways to Fall into Focus with Family Routines