5 Summertime Safety Tips

When school lets out for the summer, your kids will be more than ready to let loose and have some fun. Whether staying home or heading to summer camp, make sure your son or daughter knows how to stay safe in the hot sunshine. These five summer tips for health can ensure your kids’ good time is not spoiled.

1. Dress Appropriately

Shorts and t-shirts are a good start, but make sure they are the right material. Cotton blends breathe the best, and they are easy to wash. Encourage your kids to wear hats and sunglasses when they are out in the heat.

If your kids play sports, they will need the right footwear. Sandals are great for walking, but running requires a good, supportive pair of sneakers.

2. Go Outside

Vitamin D helps support bone growth, which is especially important in young bodies. Many people today do not get enough,even though the sun is a natural source of it. Though your children may want to lounge with books and games in the air-conditioned house, motivate them to head outdoors every now and then.

3. Stay Hydrated

The old rule of thumb for water consumption is eight 8-ounce glasses per day. To make sure your kids are drinking enough, have them take a water bottle any time they leave the house. If they are finicky about the temperature, buy a stainless steel bottle that can keep the liquid ice cold for several hours.

4. Wear Sunscreen

As healthy as the sun can be, it can also be quite dangerous in large doses. When temperatures are hotter than usual, and your kids are going to be out in it for hours, apply sunscreen liberally. Be extra cautious at the pool; swimsuits leave most of the body exposed to harmful UV rays.

5. Use Bug Repellant

During the summer, insects are everywhere. Though most bug bites are not life-threatening, the pain and itchiness can be unbearable. When attending outdoor events, spray your child’s exposed skin with bug spray to keep the insects at bay.

In the event that your child does get bitten, an antihistamine can alleviate the itching. Cool compresses and mild pain relievers can also be a big help. Watch closely for any allergic reactions.

Your kids can make the most of the summer by keeping busy, especially when you are away at work in the afternoons. Let Best in Class Education Center entertain and educate throughout the summer. Our camp activities and enrichment programs are both valuable and fun. Ask about our services today on our website or by calling 1-888-683-8108.

children playing outside