5 New Year’s Resolutions Great for Children and Parents

With the New Year comes not only the dropping of the ball in Times Square but also the dropping of bad habits. It is an opportunity to determine what to improve to experience less stress and more balance. You may come up with lots that you want to change, but these five resolutions are perfect for both parents and children to work on together.

1. Expand Your Knowledge

Your kids may be in school, but that does not mean they are reaching their full intellectual potential. Help them develop more intelligence and skills through a youth enrichment program at Best in Class Education Center, such as supplementary math or English classes, private tutoring, or gifted test prep courses.

Even though you are not in school anymore, you can still continue learning. Set an example for your children by reading, starting a new hobby, taking a community class, and visiting educational places such as museums as a family.

2. Manage Time Better

The list of things to do is always long, and time is always short. A significant obstacle in effective time management is media usage. Set limits on screen time for the whole family. If that is not enough, your schedule may be overbooked, and you may have to drop one or two activities. It is better to give more time and attention to a couple areas than to spread yourself and your children too thin trying to participate in everything.

3. Practice Mindfulness

The reason why so many resolutions fail is that people are not in the right mindset to accomplish them. Sometimes your thoughts have to change before your behaviors can. What better way to train your brain than to practice mindfulness? This can involve mindful eating, deep breathing, yoga, or meditation. Doing these activities with your children can bring you closer.

4. Be More Active

Instead of saying you will lose weight or go to the gym a certain number of times weekly, create a more active lifestyle in general. Options you can include the children in are

  • Going for a walk after dinner

  • Learning martial arts

  • Playing at the park

  • Playing with the family dog outside

  • Taking the stairs instead of elevator

  • Riding bikes around the neighborhood

Just moving around more daily will help you all reach your physical health goals.

5. Serve Others

Turn your focus outward and look for ways your family can serve the community. Service not only blesses others but also teaches your children gratitude, humility, and compassion, all qualities that future colleges and employers look for.

Need more ideas on New Year’s resolutions for the whole family? Check out these other six suggestions from Best in Class, or contact us on our website to learn more about how your children can achieve their academic goals this coming year.

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