4 Key Strategies for Keeping Kids Reading During the Holidays

The holiday break from school should be just that for children: a break. However, you do not want them to lose all of the skills that they have worked hard for during the first half of the school year. Reading comprehension skills require regular practice, so it is important to keep your child reading even when they are not attending school. This list of ideas can help you insert reading practice into your daily lives so that your budding reader still has fun but is learning at the same time.

1. Visit the Library

Even if you have a significant collection of books at home, a trip to your local library is a good way to provide additional reading options for your child. With something new to try out, they may be more likely to curl up with a good book, even when it is not an assignment provided by a teacher. Younger children benefit from fun picture books with simple words, while a new series may be intriguing for more experienced readers. No matter your child’s reading level, you are sure to find books that elicit excitement at the library.

2. Collect Holiday-themed Books

Some families have a collection of books that they take out only during the holiday season. Some may be winter-themed or based around a holiday. No matter the content, these books seem like new each year when they are brought out of storage. After reading a fun holiday book, try out easy reading comprehension activities, such as retelling the story, to ensure your child understands what they just read.

3. Give the Gift of Reading

If you have not already, be sure to add books to your child’s gift list. Once the holidays are over and before school has started back up again, your child may be bored. According to the U.S. Department of Education, a new book may be just the thing they need to enjoy reading throughout the year.

4. Use Your Time Wisely

The holiday break is perfect for spending time together as a family. During this time, you can find opportunities to teach and learn together. If you need to make a trip to the grocery store, allow your child to help you make your list. When traveling to family members’ homes, encourage your child to read signs along the way.

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