3 Signs You Need a Tutor

There is nothing more frustrating than watching your child struggle in school. Enrolling them in a center for learning can lead to improvement, but how do you know when to take this step? Watch out for these three signs that your son or daughter needs a tutor.

1. Lack of Organization

Some children need some extra discipline to keep their personal spaces neat and tidy. If your son or daughter has a messy room, this habit likely carries over to schoolwork.

While your child is doing homework, observe how well they organize their supplies. Are papers crinkled and bent? Is math homework shoved into a science folder? Is it a chore to find a pencil or eraser? This kind of chaos can make it difficult to focus and produce good work.

A tutor can sit down with your child and work out a good system. Disciplined practice can change organization habits for the better.

2. Low Self-Esteem

A few bad grades can shatter a young person’s confidence. When children lack faith in their ability to do something, they may stop trying. You might even notice a lack of effort in subjects your child previously excelled in.

Tutoring services can help restore your child’s self-esteem. Tutors know the best tactics to encourage confidence. They can focus on the strengths of the child in order to offer praise in things they already do well.

A key trait in most good tutors is patience. Many children think poorly of themselves because they do not get something right away. A tutor can help them see that it is okay to move at a slower pace.

3. Poor Grades

Your child’s report card provides the ultimate clue as to whether a tutor’s help is needed. It may be that your son or daughter only struggles in certain subjects, and the grades will reflect that. In these situations, you can get a tutor that specializes in these specific topics.

When grades are low across the board, a tutor can help your child understand what habits are leading to poor overall performance. Sometimes correcting issues of disorganization and time management can make a huge difference. Focused attention from a tutor may also reveal deeper issues, such as learning disabilities.

For after school tutoring services you can depend on, reach out to us at Best in Class Education Center. We offer private sessions to get your child the one-on-one help they need. A good tutor can instill confidence and promote better academic performance. Visit our website or call us at 1-888-683-8108 to learn more.

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