3 Reading Activities for Kids

Parents who love to read may not know how to inspire kids who are reluctant to take up this pursuit. If you do not read often, you may be even less sure how to promote your child’s interest in reading books. Reading games encourage young readers to build literacy and comprehension skills while having fun. Work with your child to set meaningful rewards for reaching goals, and be sure to check for comprehension along the way.

1. Find the Answer

If your child asks you a question or you can think of a question that should spark their curiosity, ask away. It is their responsibility to find and read whatever they need to provide an answer. This game can help kids realize that writing contains useful information for solving problems. As your child’s reading and research skills grow, you may need to think of more challenging inquiries, incorporate time goals, or limit resources to either printed books or the internet.

2. Participate in Programs

Many libraries, schools, and bookstores provide summer reading programs or offer incentives for completing books. Depending on the program, these reading promotions may also involve quizzes or other comprehension checks. If reading programs are not available in your location, you may want to look for an online program or start your own initiative.

3. Completion Prizes and Comprehension Checks

No matter how you decide to incentivize reading games or activities, you should make sure that your child considers the prizes or rewards to be worth all of their hard work and concentration. You should also try to determine their level of understanding to the best of your ability. If you have also read the same book, a comprehension check can take the form of casual conversation. If not, ask your child to tell you about what they are reading. You can also suggest that they retell or review the story in pictures or write a review or a short summary.

These reading activities go beyond simply reading to your child, though this is also an important way to teach language skills. Reading games are ideal for summertime or other school breaks, but they can also continue year round. For the best results, reinforce regular learning activities with the reading and writing programs like the ones offered at Best in Class Education Center. Whether you want to focus on improving your child’s reading comprehension or increasing their vocabulary, our tutors have the resources and techniques necessary to help children attain reading proficiency. Contact us today by calling 1-888-683-8108 or by visiting our website.

Girl and boy reading a task