2016 Best in Class 4th Annual Math Competition

Inspiring Young Mathematicians

On March 13th, Best in Class Education put on its 4th annual Math Competition to bring together math students from diverse communities around the Puget Sound area in friendly competition and foster continued interest in STEM subjects.

Over ninety 1st-5th grade students from Best in Class's Washington centers came together at the Seattle location for a full day of math competition. Two rounds of competition narrowed each grade to just six competitors, and families watched as their children employed their hard-earned math skills in a final, telecasted round. Children and parents alike left with a sense of pride and achievement.

The 2016 Best in Class Math Competition served as a community building event. Emcee Richard Arum, a three year veteran of the event, said, “[this competition] really connects all of the centers, including staff. It brings the Best in Class community together.” That spirit was evident as children from around Puget Sound alternately competed and played with each other as they waited for the results.

Larger community connections were built as families learned about GRISM: Girls Rock in Science and Math, a student-led organization founded by former Best in Class student, Mayukha Vadari, while in high school. GRISM representative Emma Patterson attended the event to share GRISM's mission to empower and provide ongoing community support for young girls interested in math and science. Best in Class donated $1200 of event proceeds to GRISM to foster continued interest in STEM subjects.

Student and parent response to the event was overwhelmingly positive, and students left with a sense of pride in their accomplishments—no matter where they placed. Ganesh Malapaka, father of one young competitor said, “Having opportunities like these brings out the competitive spirit. I can see it in my daughter.” One student in the final 5th grade round echoed that sentiment, saying “I'm proud of myself! Last year I only made it to the first round, and this year I made it all the way.” Congratulations to 2016 Best in Class Math Competition finalists!


 5th Grade4th grade3rd grade2nd grade1st grade
1stSuditi BKareena MSahith VDiya LDerin G
2ndAmy SAkalsukh BAayush TAravindh KDharshini R
3rdLakshmi GAnusha MChristina JRishi BEeshna T
4thLakshita MRishi WEdwin DAvyukth MSaachit B
5thPatrick ORani LSaahiti MAryan VSarayu N
6thAarav SPrabhgun BPearl TKaya KAnika P

Students taking tests