3 Signs You Need a Tutor

There is nothing more frustrating than watching your child struggle in school. Enrolling them in a center for learning can lead to improvement, but how do you know when to take this step? Watch out for these three signs that your son or daughter needs a tutor.

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5 Summertime Safety Tips

When school lets out for the summer, your kids will be more than ready to let loose and have some fun. Whether staying home or heading to summer camp, make sure your son or daughter knows how to stay safe in the hot sunshine. These five summer tips for health can ensure your kids’ good time is not spoiled.

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How a Summer Camp Can Benefit Your Child

As the school year winds down, you may start wondering, “Are there summer camps near me? How can my child benefit from attending?” The answer to the first question is almost certainly “yes”; the American Camp Association maintains a database containing well over 3,500 camps nationwide. It is probably safe to say that every state in the nation, whether large or small, urban or rural, has summer camp programs available.

When it comes to choosing a camp, there are many factors that can impact your decision, including the distance from your home, the camp’s duration, and whether the camp is overnight or day camp. Summer day camps provide all the fun and activities of overnight camps while providing peace of mind for children and parents alike by allowing campers to return home at the end of the day to spend time with family.

Regardless of whether you decide to send your child to overnight camp or day camp this summer, the experience offers them physical, educational, and social advantages.

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How Playing Chess Helps Improve Kids' Thinking Skills

There are many activities that you can do with your children or encourage them to participate in outside the classroom that help to improve their analytical thinking skills. One of these activities is playing chess. The game of chess has been associated with intelligence and thinkers for most of its 1,500-year history since it first originated in India, but chess kids do not have to be geniuses to get something out of the game. Studies have shown that playing chess not only helps kids to develop critical thinking skills but also teaches valuable life lessons. In fact, the benefits of chess to kids are so pronounced that some schools are even incorporating it into the curriculum.

When teaching your child to play chess, it is important to start slowly and not expect too much, too soon. You can begin teaching your child about the different pieces and how they move when your child is as young as five, but do not expect them to figure out how to win chess for several more years.

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Guide for SAT Preparation

Researching colleges can be an exciting endeavor as your high-schooler decides which to apply to and what major or extracurricular activities to choose. The better their application, the more options your child will have to choose from and the more likely they will get accepted. A significant factor is the SAT score. This test is known for being challenging, so preparing for it, such as through SAT prep classes, is a must to see an increase in score.

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7 Skills Children Can Learn Today to be Successful Tomorrow

Educational goals affect which colleges students will apply to and the hard skills they will learn. However, no matter what they want for the future, they should acquire these soft skills now to achieve the most success in school and life.

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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Students and Parents

Parents can help their students stay on track next year by implementing key changes in their work and study habits. A youth enrichment program or private tutor can help with this process by encouraging long-lasting habits that may bolster high levels of academic performance. As January approaches, consider these 6 strategies to ensure a successful year.

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How Tutoring Centers Can Improve a Child's Confidence

Tutoring is usually associated with students who are struggling to keep up in school, but all children can benefit from this type of learning. The best tutoring programs help children to improve not just their studying habits but also their social skills and confidence.

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