10 Reasons to Choose Best in Class Education Center

We believe at Best in Class that getting students motivated and inspired to learn is a much better approach than demanding students to learn. When a child is excited about learning, the results are often more satisfying for students, parents, and teachers. That is the primary goal of our tutoring centers. They provide a stimulating environment that builds upon the traditional classroom experience and offers flexibility and individualized attention. Read more

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Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids by Age Group

From candy to costumes, Halloween is all about fun. Get the whole family involved in decorating your home for the season through these fall crafts for kids. It will not only give your children an opportunity to use their creativity and learn new skills but will also provide quality time together.

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How After-School Programs Can Improve Your Child's Soft Skills

Are you contemplating enrolling your children in an after-school program? Perhaps you are not sure if it is a good value or if your children really need it when they are doing so well in school. The truth is that after-school education programs offer more than just academic assistance. They also improve your children’s character and emotional maturity by building soft skills. Read more

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4 Critical Thinking Exercises

Most people think constantly, but critical thinking is relatively rare. Critical thought goes beyond ideas to weighing the options necessary to make informed choices or drawing perceptive conclusions. Parents may need to rethink some of their own reactions to children’s expressions of opinion or questions. Try to integrate these four exercises into family life to promote strong critical thinking skills.

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3 Reading Activities for Kids

Parents who love to read may not know how to inspire kids who are reluctant to take up this pursuit. If you do not read often, you may be even less sure how to promote your child’s interest in reading books. Reading games encourage young readers to build literacy and comprehension skills while having fun. Work with your child to set meaningful rewards for reaching goals, and be sure to check for comprehension along the way.

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Challenge Yourself: Math Activities for Summer

The summer is a time of sunshine, relaxation, and no classes. While kids tend to love this last part, parents are a little more skeptical, and rightfully so. Summer setback is a well-recorded issue that affects a lot of young people. This can be especially significant for math because it is much harder to work into the summer break than topics like reading or history. Here are a few fun math activities for the summer.

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Smooth Transition to School

After an entertaining and memorable summer vacation, it can be difficult for kids to transition back to school, both in the classroom and at home. You do not have to resign yourself to battling with your kids the first week of school, however. With some small changes and preparation a couple of weeks before, you can set your whole family up for successful school readiness. Read more

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4 Summer Learning Activities for Kids

The end of the school year is likely an exciting time for your children. They finally have time to enjoy the outdoors and get a break from classes. Unfortunately, that break can significantly set them back in their learning. According to the Brookings Institution, researchers have identified that during the summer, students may be losing as much as 25-30 percent of what they learn.

Summer learning activities can help to mitigate this summer setback. There is no need to run your own classes for your children during the summer. However, a few educational activities can go a long way.

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