How Student Enrichment Programs Can Prepare Your Teen for College

It may be no surprise to hear that we at Best in Class often sing the praises of student enrichment programs. After all, we interact with kids of all ages every day and are able to witness them grow and flourish academically. What many parents of high schoolers, and even high schoolers themselves, don’t realize is that supplemental education is not just for elementary school children.

The best tutoring programs are also able to extend their services to encompass classes that help high school students prepare for college. Transitioning into higher education can be one of the biggest challenges in life, but the right program can help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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A high school student works with an instructor on the computer.

Strategies for Getting Kids Excited About Math Education

Math practice makes perfect. Okay, maybe not perfect, but it can certainly help kids sharpen their skills, which is essential to academic success. What may be a challenge for you, however, is getting your child excited about math so they’ll actually want to practice it. After all, research tells us that when we’re interested in an activity, we are more likely to retain information from it. At this point, you might be thinking that it’s easier said than done. Well, we’re here to tell you that there are some simple strategies for getting kids enthusiastic about math education!

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A shot of a math packet, calculator, and pencil.

The Importance of Education Enrichment Programs for Middle Schoolers

Middle school. It’s a major milestone that can shape the rest of your child’s educational experience. It probably goes without saying, but middle schoolers are often presented with some unique stressors. The transition from elementary school to high school can bring on a lot of change and development, and many kids go through a trial-and-error period of learning how to deal with it. That’s why it’s so important to support them and find ways to keep them engaged in school. If you’re a parent looking for a great strategy for dealing with middle school tensions, you should consider enrolling your child in education enrichment programs.

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A student smiles while working on a homework packet.

Six Tips for Making the Most of the End of Summer & Preparing for School

It’s natural to cherish the summer months; the weather is nice, the days are longer and your child is on vacation. With the season starting to wind down, it is important to seize any opportunity you can to prepare for the return of the school year.

Best in Class Education Center helps K-12 students achieve academic success through personalized educational programs. The company is dedicated to seeking out new learning opportunities for both students and their parents.

Best in Class put together six tips to help you enjoy the end of your summer while still getting back-to-school ready:

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A student works on a packet.

Back to School Tips

Aarti Bhargava with Best in Class Ellicott City talks about back-to-school tips.

Source: WBAL-TV11 Baltimore

Starting the School Year Off Right With After School Tutoring Programs!

Does your child make the most of after school hours? You might be a bit surprised to hear that they may not be. Of course, that’s not to say that time is being wasted. Undoubtedly, you work hard to make sure that homework gets done and that they’re ready for the next day ahead of them. However, your child may be missing out on some key skill-building if they’re running home the minute the school day ends. There are immense benefits to enrolling kids in after school tutoring programs, which we will discuss here!

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Students working on homework packets.

Managing Back to School Stress

Aruna Andrews from Best in Class NW Austin shares ways kids can manage stress during the school year.

Source: ABC KVUE

3 Reasons to Consider Private Tutoring Services for the Upcoming School Year

Are you on the fence about private tutoring services for your child? We understand. There is often a misconception that something must be wrong for tutoring to be considered as an option. For instance, you might be thinking, “Why would my child need a math and English tutor if they’re not having problems in those subjects?” We can certainly answer a question like this. In fact, we know that tutoring can be extremely helpful to any student, whether they are doing well in school or struggling to catch up. In this post, we’ll explain why private tutoring is an excellent way to put your child on a path toward educational success!

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A tutor helps a student with a packet.