How Tutoring Centers Can Improve a Child's Confidence

Tutoring is usually associated with students who are struggling to keep up in school, but all children can benefit from this type of learning. The best tutoring programs help children to improve not just their studying habits but also their social skills and confidence.

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4 Common Barriers to Critical and Analytical Thinking

Critical thinking is one of the most essential soft skills a person can develop over their lifetime, as it enables individuals to come up with viable and unique solutions to common and not-so-common problems. Unfortunately, schools’ curricula today emphasize standardized testing and uniform teaching measures over critical thinking exercises. This in and of itself is a major barrier to helping individuals develop and utilize their analytical thinking skills. However, it is not the only barrier. Below are four of the most common obstacles that keep even the most intelligent individuals from exercising their thinking capabilities.

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Best in Class programs help develop critical thinking

4 Key Strategies for Keeping Kids Reading During the Holidays

The holiday break from school should be just that for children: a break. However, you do not want them to lose all of the skills that they have worked hard for during the first half of the school year. Reading comprehension skills require regular practice, so it is important to keep your child reading even when they are not attending school. This list of ideas can help you insert reading practice into your daily lives so that your budding reader still has fun but is learning at the same time.

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Ways to Turn Halloween into a Learning Opportunity

With Halloween right around the corner, parents can utilize this holiday as a fun learning opportunity with their children. Best in Class Education Center, which helps K-12 students succeed academically through customized educational programs, shared ways that parents can turn Halloween into a day that extends beyond candy by building valuable educational lessons into the holiday.

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Benefits of Test Prep Programs

The most effective test prep programs provide more than just study guides and cue cards. Practice tests can give students various benefits that even reach beyond the classroom. According to a recent study in Psychological Science in the Public Interest, practicing for tests is the most valuable studying technique. Here at Best in Class Education Center, we offer programs for Gifted Test Prep and SAT/ACT Test Prep.

Here are some ways your child may benefit from enrolling in one of our programs.

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4 Common Signs Your Child Needs a Math Tutor

Math is one of the most important subjects offered by schools, and without a firm understanding of mathematical concepts, students will have a difficult time getting into college and competing on a global scale. Unfortunately, math is also one of the most intimidating subjects, and many students have extreme difficulty understanding it. If you believe your child is one of these students, pairing them with a tutor can help them better understand math in a private, self-paced setting. Before you set up your next conference with your child’s math teacher, here are some signs they may benefit from tutoring.

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DIY Homework Chart and Organization at Home

With school back in session, homework assignments will begin shortly after. Parents can utilize this time at the beginning of the school year, before things get too hectic, to make sure their students know how to prepare for homework assignments and projects. Best in Class Education Center, which helps K-12 students succeed academically through customized educational programs, shared a few ideas for how to create homework charts and organize at home.

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Reasons Why the Best in Class Program Really Works

Education is key to meeting the challenges of adulthood, especially in the areas of financial self-sufficiency and making the best possible life decisions. Unfortunately, many kids are not receiving the educational guidance best suited to their individual needs and learning styles. Assigning one teacher responsibility for a class of more than 20 students is not the most effective way to nurture each child’s development, but after-school enrichment classes can make up for what is missing.

The Best in Class educational after-school programs and tutoring centers offer flexibility, individualized attention, and an environment that stimulates a desire to learn. This is a huge difference.

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