Reno Rebirth Profile - Priya Mani

Family and education are two strong central themes for Priya Mani, who moved her family to Reno in order to be closer to her daughter’s elementary school for academically gifted students. Seeing a great need in the community for additional academic resources, Priya decided to turn to franchising with Best in Class Education Center.

"We were looking for a great enrichment program in Reno for our children, but we didn’t find any that we liked," said Priya Mani in an article written by the Reno Gazette-Journal. "We did some more research and came across Best in Class Education Center. We researched the brand and liked the program, so we decided to open the first Best in Class center in Reno to benefit our children as well as help other students in the community improve their results."

By bringing a new brand to an untapped market, Priya Mani has been able to both build a strong, successful business and make a difference in the community.

To read the full story in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Priya Mani