5 Tips for Expanding a Franchise Business

As a franchisee, the hardest decision may have been which franchise to become a part of, but your work is not over once you have made a choice. You have the chance to make an already successful business even more successful so that you can reap greater rewards. Further expand your franchise business by taking these five steps.

1. Utilize the Franchisor’s System

One of the biggest appeals of buying a franchise is receiving an already proven business system to use. All the trial and error has been done so you don’t need to do it again. Follow this successful model. Become familiar with all aspects of the system, continue training, and frequently review the information. If you have questions or concerns, ask the franchisor. Take advantage of the support available to you.

2. Be Responsible for Your Success

The given system puts you on the road to success, but it is your job to stay on it. You need to do some homework to ensure the growth of your business. For example, attend conferences and conventions to expand your knowledge in the industry you are in. Customize your marketing to make it more relevant and effective in your community. Focus on improved customer service, thorough employee training, and efficient daily operations. Use the tools and support you have been given to make smart decisions in areas of your control.

3. Fine-tune Your Business Skills

Being responsible for your success requires that you have excellent business skills. Some of them will come with time and experience, but others you can – and must – acquire right now. You need to have at least basic understanding and practice in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Human resources
  • Industry regulations
  • Legal matters

Increase your education of these subjects by taking business courses, attending seminars and trade shows, reading books, and learning from colleagues. The increased knowledge will also help you make wise business moves to expand your franchise business.

4. Take Leadership Opportunities

The more involved you become in the franchise system, the more your business will grow. Does your franchise organization have an owner’s advisory committee you can join to share your opinion on corporate matters? Are there opportunities to train other franchisees or speak at events? Take these leadership opportunities to help not only your business grow, but also the parent company and other franchisees so everyone wins.

5. Own Multiple Units

The previous tips will prepare you for the final action of expanding your franchise business: adding more units. According to Entrepreneur, becoming a multi-unit owner is a surefire way to increase your profits. If you have already proven successful with one unit, then opening more makes sense – for your franchisor, too, as you do not require any training or show high risk.

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